Stacey Solomon: “I only like stroking animals, I don’t want to cut them open or anything like that…”

…which is a relief to us all. Because cutting open animals is quite mean and just a bit messy.

But it’s alright because Stace was talking about her girlhood dream of becoming a vet someday.
In an interview with the Daily Mail, Solomon (20), reveals her two main ambitions as a child were to have a a ‘baby-pink Disney palace’ and to be a vet.
Lucky for us Stacey went to an X Factor audition instead where she wowed judges with her version of “Wonderful World” and finished the competition in 3rd place.

The proclaimed Dagenham Diva also spoke of the rumours about her and fellow contestant Olly Murs sharing a kiss: “They (the media) said there was a kiss and everything – ughh! Olly is the spitting image of my brother, and the fact that people are writing that we kissed… I’m like, “Ooh, that’s disgusting.”

On Jedward: ‘I love Jedward. There is not one bad bone in their body, and I just think that good things should happen to good people. Everything they say is completely honest and just the first thing that comes out of their head, and I am the same.’

Solomon also addressed a story that appeared in the paper by an old friend who claimed she pole-danced in a nightclub: When you go into this business you accept that this kind of ludicrous story will be written. Not everyone is going to like you – I know that from real life in general. I know I could go into a room of a hundred people and ten of them could like me and the other 90 could be, “Well, I don’t really like her”. But I know that I am a good person; I know that I have never lied and I have never been mean, so if people want to write horrible stuff, let it be on their conscience.

You can read the full interview with Stacey in the Daily Mail Here


~ by patsystone on January 24, 2010.

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