Dannii Minogue is up the stick! Congrats!

BREAKING NEWS: While I was wasting the day away on Twitter Dannii Minogue announced on her Twitter page that she was expecting her first child with rugby player Kris Green. Around 11AM GST Dannii tweeted “Woohoo! I’m gonna be a mummy! :)” The announcement comes after a months of speculation Minogue was pregnant and a denial earlier this week from Dannii’s publicists who finally confirmed the news.

Minogue’s spokesman Simon Jones said: “Dannii and Kris are very excited and can’t wait to start their family in 2010.

“Rumours and stories surfaced across the weekend about Dannii being pregnant and having already had her 12-week scan.

“These stories were incorrect. Dannii had her 12-week scan this week and was given the results today with the all-clear to make an announcement.”

Hopefully this big news about Dannii makes up for my rotten blatant lie about my Cheryl News a while ago!

Patsy is thrilled for Dannii and Kris – congratulations! And of course congrats to Kylie, whose gonna be an Aunt!


~ by patsystone on January 13, 2010.

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