X Factor: “Highly Likely Dannii will go”

Earlier today I mentioned there was a rumour floating about that Dannii Minogue may quit the X Factor (source: 3AM.co.uk). I know every year since she started there have been rumours that Dannii was not coming back, but given that she spends as much time as you lot on Twitter I thought if it weren’t true she’d deny it. So far, nothing from Team Minogue. Sources told 3AM that while it has not been confirmed yet it is ‘highly likely’ Dannii will NOT return to judges panel next year and Simon is already looking for a replacement. Mel B is one of the suggestions, and Louis is backing her big time. Kelly Rowland has also been mentioned because she “knows what she’s talking about”.  That sweetie, does not a decent judge make and at the risk of sounding repetitive…BORING!!!! We want feisty, funny, bitchy, catty judges  – isn’t that what we all tune in for each week, apart from the singing and Jedward obviously? Dannii manages to encompass all those traits as well as giving constructive criticism to contestants and while we love to look at what car part Cheryl is wearing on her person each week, Dannii is definitely beating her overall in terms or style, judging and quality of contestants this year.

Dannii has received praise from Sinitta and Louis Walsh this year (and Lord knows it’s hard to drag a compliment out of those two) for how she has handled herself on the panel and if she is off to spend time in Oz with boyf Kris Green (well done there Dan) we wish her all the best. But she’s a hard act to follow.


~ by patsystone on December 12, 2009.

One Response to “X Factor: “Highly Likely Dannii will go””

  1. totally agree. mel b is way too bland to judge, although i do like kelly rowland.

    also, i like your blog 😉

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