X Factor Final!!!

Is it just me or is anyone counting down the hours until the X Factor final kicks off? Thought not! Now that its down to wor Joe, the Dagenham Diva and…..er, Olly, who will be the last one standing with a shiny new recording contract? (and of course the Crimbo No1…Facebook or no, Rage Against the Machine haven’t a hope) Bookies and tabloids today suggest that it’s Joe McElderry by a landslide, with Stacey finishing second and Olly third. But who knows – it’s not exactly been a predictable series so far has it *coughLuciecough*.
Cast your vote on who will take the X Factor crown tonight in Patsy’s Poll:

UPDATE: Apols to Jedward fans for not including them in some way in the poll. My bad. Little titbit for you – I live around the corner from their grandparents. Anyway…

In other X Factor news, there are rumours that George Michael may NOT perform on the show tonight. Well, one rumour really – but it came from Dannii Minogue’s Twitter account. If Dannii is not reliable I don’t know who is. The latest update is from George’s people who say he’s coming. Patsy will keep you posted.
Now, Dannii could be stirring it because there’s ANOTHER rumour (courtesy of the fab 3am gals) that she is to get the boot as judge in favour of Mel *yawn* B. I hope it’s not true, Dan has been my favourite judge this year. But not long to go before we find out!

Another UPDATE: My poll was acting the maggot a while ago, so that’s a new ‘un.


~ by patsystone on December 12, 2009.

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