Go Do-Lally …. and get some style!

We’ve all been through some hard times during this economic crisis. Even poor Pats has had to acclimatize. I’ve had to stick a few pairs of Laboutins up on Ebay to keep me in Bolly and Stoli, but finally there’s a website on the way that’ll keep you looking tres trendy and will leave you with enough change in your purse for a Singapore Sling or two! Here’s a little blurb to tell you more:

Doo-Lally.com is a new Irish based online retail store aimed at the fashion conscious and the style savvy. If you are looking to revamp a tired wardrobe with the latest looks you’ve come to the right place.
Set for launch in February 2010 in Ireland we promise to bring you the hottest trends that won’t hurt your wallet. With a fast delivery service to Ireland and the UK you will step out in style in no time!
With Doo-Lally you can keep ahead of the trend, as we offer cutting edge womenswear and accessories that combine great design and quality with affordability.
Our site will carry an extensive range of fashion labels from Ireland and around the world.
Whether you’re a fashionista or a recessionista – go Doo-Lally.com

Register for the latest news and competitions on the Doo-Lally website– and tell ’em Patsy sent you!


~ by patsystone on December 11, 2009.

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