Jordan takes Alex Reid back, Alex for Celeb BB?

So the Pricey has decided she can’t live without Alex/Roxanne in her life and has taken the cage dancing, porn starring, stiletto wearing muscle man back. But reports say it’s because the Model….SORRY! – Businesswoman is scared s***less that Alex will tell all about their love life.

Katie, who dumped Alex live on telly after she left the Australian jungle in I’m A Celeb, told Ant and Dec: “I think it’s best I’m on my own, I just don’t want to be in a relationship.” Alex had flown to Australia to propose to Katie. Talk about getting burnt…

While in the “relationship” Reid signed a confidentiality agreement, which banned him from talking about any of Jordan’s secrets (does Jordan even HAVE secrets anymore?) – but according to the Daily Star, Reid signed it “Roxy”, rendering the agreement invalid. Smart lad.

Now Jordan is supposedly terrified that Alex is going to slag her off for breaking up with him on live television and took him back so he’d stay schtum. The couple are now reported to be living together in Jordan’s Surrey mansion.

With a rumoured Celeb Big Brother appearance in the offing for Alex, Jordan might want to buy Alex/Roxy a nice pair of Christian Laboutin’s and a decent hairpiece over Crimbo to keep him quiet that little bit longer.

Will they last? Leave a comment – let us know what you think!



~ by patsystone on December 8, 2009.

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