X Factor Final: Patsy’s Predictions

Darlings, no one is more ashamed then I not to be talking about THE MOST TALKED ABOUT THING EVER….a.k.a this years X Factor, but things have been frightfully hectic, partying hard with Lily Allen in Cap d’Antibes, relaxing with Catherine Z-J and Michael in St. Tropez, attending the theatre in Torquay to see my good friend Britt Ekland in Panto…you know the high life leaves you with such little free time! But I have honestly been tuning in when I can so without further ado, here are Patsy’s Predictions on the X Factor final night 2009:

Olly Murs: Oh Olly. Would have been a front runner if he showed some love to the losers and stopped dancing like your middle aged uncle at a 21st. Honestly, it’s like the Ricky Gervais Office dance except not at all funny. Olly has a Will Young vibe to him but Simon’s choice of cheesy songs over the course of the show has hindered him, rather than allowing him to stand out as a talented solo artist. Cowell needs to pick songs that are less predictable and Murs needs to focus on song choice, tone down the cheeky chappie persona. The Essex Mafia show up every week in large volumes so he could cause a shock on Saturday night.

Patsy’s Prediction: Third

Stacey Solomon: Everyone insists Stace isn’t the sharpest nail in the toolbox, but believe me a girl who can walk across a load of chairs in heels and sing at the same time must have a few cells floating around in her grey matter. Good strong voice, although much more suited to ballads she could be the surprise winner this year, but Dannii will need to pull out all the stops – and Kylie – to help Stacey wow the crowds and the public on Saturday night. If personality won the X Factor alone (and God knows it’s not always won on singing talent) the Dagenham Diva would have it in the Fendi clutch.

Patsy’s Prediction: Second

Joe McElderry: The judges declared Joe the dark horse if the competition…but was he really? Since Week One the worst comment he got was “stage school singer” and that’s not exactly much of an insult, compared with some of the classic zingers Cowell has uttered over the last few months.  Joe has been the most consistent performer and will more or less deliver each week – and in tune, something we haven’t seen much of this year! But has he got longevity – will we be buying Joe’s album in 2010?

Patsy’s Prediction: Geordie Joe to walk it.

In other news TV3’s Xpose have claimed Paul McCartney, George Michael, Michael Buble and Robbie Williams may perform on the show next Saturday. Since The Buble and Robbie have already been on I don’t see them making a return – but George and Paul would be incredible. That is,  if George can lay off the gange for a night.

Remember to stay tuned to Patsy’s Ab Fab Blog for the latest X Factor Final News. If you’re lucky I might actually post some.



~ by patsystone on December 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “X Factor Final: Patsy’s Predictions”

  1. your predictions are crap, if there’s any lovable person on the show its Olly, Joe has wonderful vocals. Olly is in the final and my prediction is Olly is winning this competition…

  2. Your attitude is crap 😉 It’s just an opinion love, we’re all entitled to one without someone being a maggot because they disagree. I’ve nothing against Olly personally, he’s talented – I just don’t think he’ll win. Good for him if he does. But I think I’m right about Joe.

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