8 Women, 1 golfer and Oprah Winfrey

For the first time in the history of existence, Golf is actually interesting. But for all the wrong reasons.

Another one of Tiger’s bits on the side has come forward (Number 7 for those of you who are at this point losing count) to spill the beans on his prowess in the sack. And get this…she’s only a porn star! Holly Sampson (fantastic porn star name BTW) has claimed she was once a mistress of the golfer, who married model Elin Nordegren back in 2004.

Details of Woods’ infidelity emerged after he crashed his car into a tree in the early hours of November 27th. A confrontation between Tiger and and his wife is believed to have occurred shortly beforehand, after Elin learned of her husband’s cheating.  Below are the names of the women who’ve claimed to have had affairs with Tiger and what they’ve been saying – although some have been keeping mum on the subject.

Rachel Uchitel: Rumoured to have been in a relationship with Woods for the last 5 months.
Holly Samson: Porn Star. Enough said.
Jamie Grubbs: Told her he wasn’t financially stable and was according to her, crap in bed.
Cori Rist: Was rumoured to have joined Tiger on tours during a brief fling.
Kalika Moquin: Las Vegas club promoter. Has refused to comment so far.
Jamie Jungers: Was engaged when she had fling with Tiger, her ex claims he is no longer a fan.
Mindy Lawton: Called Tiger selfish, said she was used as a sex toy.

According to gossip site RadarOnline.com Elin has moved out of the family home. Read the article here . Evidently Elin was not swayed by the £49 mill on offer to stand by her man. Well why would you when there’s a potential to completely screw him on alimony?

Meanwhile rumours are flying that Oprah is hoping to hook Woods for a tell-all interview *salivates*. That would be TV Gold! But joking aside, celebrities – especially those considered role models are in many ways beautified by members of the public and Tiger’s reputation, even with the help of the All Mighty Oprah, will forever be tarnished. Cheating on your wife – especially when she is pregnant – is career suicide. It shall be interesting to watch Tiger Wood’s next move, but as new details emerge every day I think he’s stuck in a sand trap. That’s some sort of golf reference right?

Elin: If I were you I’d take the advice of my good friend Ivana Trump. Don’t get mad. Get everything.



~ by patsystone on December 7, 2009.

One Response to “8 Women, 1 golfer and Oprah Winfrey”

  1. I’m just going to throw this out there since no one ever wants to discuss this topic:

    Kanye West has managed to shut his mouth on the whole Tiger Woods drama.

    Thank you Tiger!

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