Sharon Osbourne in catfight on Charm School reunion!

Love her or hate her Mrs. O is pure entertainment. And none more so when she gets her claws into someone. Literally.

On the Charm School reunion Show on VH1 Sharon threw down with former contestant Megan Hauserman when she insulted her husband Ozzy.

After Megan was kicked off the show in December she filed a police complaint against Sharon for assault, so things were bounds to be tense on the reunion show.

Sharon began by telling Megan that she “should not be allowed to breed my dear” after Hauserman talked about getting her dog neutured.

“Only one of you should be allowed” she finished.

Megan retaliated by saying that Sharon was only famous for managing her “brain dead” husband Ozzy, upon which Sharon hurled a glass of water over the blondes head and went for her.

Watch the video here:

Sharon said afterwards: “You can fuck with me, I don’t care. But don’t fuck with my family.”

I think I’m going to save this one in My Favourites on YouTube….



~ by patsystone on January 6, 2009.

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