Celeb Big Brother – 4×4 and Tory T**s up for eviction


Head of House and self-proclaimed Pantomime Villian (future careet methinks?) Terry Christian has nominated Page 3 gal Lucy Pinder to join Ulrika Johnson for for the first eviction vote off.

After selecting Lucy as the least talented Housemate after a “Talent” Show Terry tried to make excuses.

“She’s a really lovely girl in every way,” he says.

“I’ve never ever heard of her.”

“Or seen her in anything. Or seen her in a bikini or with her waps out.”

Terry, unless you are a connoisseur of naturally large breasts, you haven’t missed much.

Meanwhile,  Shameless (actress) Tina Malone has beef with rapper Coolio.

“He says nice things to everyone,” says Tina.

“Except me.”

I’m sure Tina, when he thinks of something he’ll say it.

On a personal  note – my favourite moment of the night was when Ulrika was performing that heart warming weather forecast she mentioned she had 4 kids. Upon hearing Coolio yells out “Baby let’s make it 5!”

They just don’t make gentlemen like that anymore….



~ by patsystone on January 6, 2009.

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