Watch: Heather Mills’ shocking interview on GMTV

Heather Mills 

 Everybody has been talking about Heather Mills’ appearance on ITV’s GMTV this week, where she attacked the media and compared herself to Kate McCann and Princess Di. Heather, who now faces a custody battle with ex husband Paul McCartney who has filed for full custody of their daughter Beatrice, was deeply upset as she showed interviewer Fiona Phillips her scrapbook of negative articles about her. The interview provoked even more bad press for Heather and sparked thousands of scathing comments from viewers.

Watch it Here– then tell us what you think.


~ by patsystone on November 4, 2007.

One Response to “Watch: Heather Mills’ shocking interview on GMTV”

  1. I think it was a very bad move on her part to appear in this interview – not the right way to go about it at all! Its unfortunate that she doesnt come across as a particularly likeable personality.
    Have you read this yet? Its about how her PR has been badly mismanaged with this whole situation.
    I found it fascinating reading from a PR insiders perspective..It changed my opinion of her slightly too…

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