Quelle Suprise. Pregnant Kerry goes out on the piss

Kerry Katon

It’s been reported that Kerry Katona drank alcohol while pregnant with her fourth child.

Katona, who is married to former cabbie Mark Croft, was spotted in a bar knocking back martinis and downing a shot of vodka. She was also seen outside the bar smoking a cigarette with a mate and saying “What the hell, a couple won’t hurt.”

A source told News of The World: “Everyone knows Kerry’s pregnant so it was a bit of a shock to see her drinking and smoking.

“She went to the bar and ordered pints for the others and Martini for herself. It was the same round when the others were buying – and she also had a shot of vodka. She knocked it back in one, winced and then wiped her hand across her mouth and put the glass down.”

Earlier this week Kerry came under fire for smoking during her pregnancy. She has also been defending rumours that she was coked off her head on GTMV during an interview.

This one would honestly give Britney a run for her money.


~ by patsystone on October 28, 2007.

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