OMG – Posh has gone brunette!

Victoria Beckham

It’s true darlings – Victoria Beckham has cast off the blonde locks and reverted back to her brown bob from her days with the Spice Girls.

The News of the World reported today that Posh, 33, spent eight hours at LA’s Jessica Galvan Hair Studio last week—as part of her preparation for the band’s world tour.

A source has told the newspaper: “The girls have all changed since their heyday but Victoria feels it’s important for the fans to see her as she was.

“Her dark bob made her the person she is. So she felt it was right to return to the same style. She’s thrilled. It’s made her feel and look years younger.” I think it’s fabulous, but I can guarantee blondes definitely have more fun!


~ by patsystone on October 28, 2007.

One Response to “OMG – Posh has gone brunette!”

  1. so change hair colour and capture the world’s media attention.

    how shallow is that girls?

    not the most hirsuite

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