Brit has her day in court

Britney Spears was in court yesterday in an attempt to regain shared custody of her two boys – and I followed it all on Of course, our Brit didn’t just didn’t show up quietly, attend the hearing and leave – that’s not her style. Here’s an account of the day’s events – with thanks to TMZ:

At the morning hearing it was revealed that Kevin Federline wants Britney’s deposition taped, however the judge overruled this should it be leaked to the media (and knowing TMZ, they’d be the first to get their hands on it!)

That afternoon Britney arrived for her showdown with K-Fed. A hoard of photographers and film crew greeted her outside as she entered the courthouse. TMZ reported that she was wearing “a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, dark dress, white purse and her lucky cowgirl boots.” Her hair was also down. Not for long however. After a short while she emerged from the courtroom to put her hair up and do her make-up. Well a girl’s got her priorities. She wasn’t long back in before coming out of court again for another bathroom break, where there was a change in sunglasses and the hair came back down. In total, Brit left the courtroom 3 TIMES!

Finally it was revealed that Britney’s visitation has been extended over the weekend, and the judge took the bigger custody issue under submission.

The saga continues. To watch videos of the soaplike drama – check out TMZ’s website, who were live at the scene.


~ by patsystone on October 27, 2007.

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