Brit to appear in Sesame Street?



No, I’m not joking darlings, Britney Spears is rumoured to be making an apperance in children’s TV hit Sesame Street (do kids still watch this? I mean it was around when I was a child, and that’s saying something!). According to UK newspaper the Daily Star, Brit is due to sing a “cleaned up” version of her No1 single Toxic. I shudder to think how that might go. How the fuck do you rework the following:

‘I took a sip, From my devil cup’, ‘I’m slipping under, With a taste of poison paradise’ and ‘Can’t come down, Losing my head.’

Maybe closet homos Bert and Ernie will help her pen some child-friendly lyrics

It gets better – she’s supposed to be duetting with Oscar the Grouch. I hope this is one bizaare Britney rumour thats true!

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~ by patsystone on October 26, 2007.

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