Kerry Katona: Still giving chavs a bad name

Kerry Katon

Can that vile women sink any lower? Today on Sky News in an interview with Kay Burley, Kerry announced that she still smokes and drinks even though she’s pregnant. Now while I am rarely seen without my ciggie and glass bottle of voddie, I wouldn’t be doing it if I had a bun in the oven (as unlikely as that is to happen).

Kerry, who can’t bear to be out of the tabloids for a micro-second, even if it’s bad press, told OK! magazine: “I’ll light up a menthol and have a couple of drags but then put it out because it makes me feel sick.

“It’s just a habit with my hands.”

Sweetie, there are plenty of other things you could be doing with your hands that are even more fun than smoking. So give the fags and booze a rest for a bit. And stop doing interviews for the love of Christ, it’s not doing you any favours.


~ by patsystone on October 25, 2007.

One Response to “Kerry Katona: Still giving chavs a bad name”

  1. this girl should never be given the ammount of publicity that shee gets, a habitual drug user, married to one of warringtons biggest drug dealers, using his taxi job as a descreet cover up for delivering cocaine to low lifes around warrington.

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