It’s Spice Wars – Girls in bust up at video shoot!

So it was all a myth – and I for one was fooled good and proper. When I saw the Spice Girls arm and arm at their reunion press conference, I thought all was good in SpiceWorld. Alas sweetie, I was wrong. It seems that diva strops are a-plenty since the Girls got into gear for their up-coming world tour, and we can only guess which ladies have been the main protagonists.

Spice Girls

Bad Ad for Surgery Spice Spice (the one who gives Posh a bad name), and Thin/Curvy/Anorexic Spice (the one who used to be ginger) are having tete-a-tete a-plenty to see who can get the most headlines for being thinner than the other one. Then you have I Really Don’t Want to be Here Spice (the muscle-y one, Sporty) bitching to anyone who’d listen about how she’s morrrrrrrrrrrrtified she’s doing high kicks to “Wannabe” again. You know, because now she has a hugely successful solo career. Ahem.

Now the latest from Spice Camp (and no Michael Barrymore as the Sargeant Major this time unfortunately) is there has been a bust up at the video shoot for the Girls’ new single for Children in Need ‘Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)’.

It’s been alleged that Emma Bunton complained about the shoot’s late run, Geri held up the shoot because she was meditating, Mel B had jet lag and Posh was calling for more champagne and fruit. Now I think the others are being pretty unreasonable, but Posh has a point with the champers, it’s really more of a necessity at these things sweetie. Anyway, the long and short is that the director threatened to walk off. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?!

Ladies, don’t you remember when it was only about the music?


~ by patsystone on October 24, 2007.

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